Character Education Program Begins


What is Character Education?
Character Education is an intentional and comprehensive method of making sure that character education is integrated into the academic curriculum and infused throughout the entire school,” as our CEP trainers explained this summer. The program encourages students, teachers and the entire community to act on universally accepted values such as: honesty, fairness, deep caring, responsibility, respect, self-discipline, and
commitment to excellence. Data (from schools that have implemented the CEP program) show a decrease in discipline problems, dropout rates decline, and an increase in teaching time and student responsibility. The program involves the students, staff, parents and community in the fostering of character development.

How is this being implemented?
In August the following nine schools; John Adams, Clay, New Tech, Riley, Rise Up, and Washington High Schools; Dickinson Fine Arts Academy & Marshall Intermediate; and Lincoln Primary Center participated in the initial two-day training. Each school wrote a school improvement plan and the CEP trainers will return a minimum of three times to follow up with the school plans to work with each school.

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