# of Boys waiting for a Mentor
# of Girls waiting for a Mentor

One Child. One Hour. One Day a Week.

Do You Have an Hour a Week to Meet with a Child of South Bend Schools?  Mentoring means, “getting to know another individual and then acting as a support for that person.”   Each child is unique with different needs.  The need for positive self-esteem is addressed through the mentor’s acceptance of the child as a worthy human being. Children profit from the wisdom, guidance and attention that the mentor gives them.

Mentoring Process:

1) Mentors will be asked to volunteer one (1) hour per week at the student’s school at lunch.

2) For the safety and protection of all children, a completed application form (above) must be submitted giving permission for a criminal  background check.
*Starting school year 2016-17, ALL returning mentors must fill out a new application(references not required) authorizing SBCSC to run the mandatory annual background check needed to volunteer in the schools.

3) Potential mentors will be contacted to be assigned a 30 minute training session.

4) Both mentors and students will matched based on interest information.


Mentor Application:        Mentoring Application

 Parent/Mentee Application:     Parent Application (English) 

 Parent Application (Spanish)



Current Events: 

After September 19th, Mentors can begin meeting with their students. This will allow the teacher to perform evaluations and to identify any specific challenges or goals that may be of help to your student- helping you be of greater assistance to your mentee.